Medical Malpractice

When we visit the doctor, it is with the expectation that we'll be healthier because of it. We expect doctors to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries, and help us return to healthier states. Unfortunately, few people check whether the doctor they are visiting has had previous medical malpractice violations, and few people seek second opinions when they are uncomfortable with what their doctor says.

If you suffered injuries because of the negligence or mistake of a health care provider, we'll help you seek the full and fair compensation you need. 

Aviation Liability

Our lawyers' hands-on involvement in aviation cases allows us to expose liability for crashes in Phoenix, Arizona, and around the globe. We represent individuals who suffered injuries because of:

 • Private or charter helicopter crashes

 • FAA violations

 • Commercial airline and chartered aircraft

If you were injured in an aviation accident because of the negligence of another party, an experienced attorney can help you receive the compensation you need.


When heavy construction machinery is operated incorrectly, it puts the safety of everyone in the area in jeopardy. However, some construction equipment has design and product defects that cause the equipment to function unsafely.

There are numerous things that can be done to help reduce the dangers of a construction site. However, when supervisors, superintendents or other subcontractors cut corners to save time and make a profit, the results can be serious. If you suffered injuries on a construction site, you may be eligible for compensation. Learn more about the representation we offer by scheduling your free initial consultation.

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