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December 2014 Archives

Are drones an aviation accident waiting to happen?

Drones have been making the news in recent months, first for their privacy concerns and now because they may present a serious safety risk to air travel. Businesses are not allowed to fly drones unless they request an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration. Anyone using a drone for commercial reasons must also obtain a waiver, but hobbyists are legally allowed to fly drones with very little oversight because the laws have not caught up to the technology.

What types of burn injuries require treatment at a burn unit?

Because they often cover a large area, burn injuries are some of the most painful injuries possible. The skin is the largest organ in the body and has millions of sensory receptors, meaning even first-degree burns can be extremely painful and take some time to heal. Second- and third-degree burns, however, are even more dangerous and can cause permanent loss of motion, disfigurement and even death.