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July 2015 Archives

Is whiplash a real medical condition associated with accidents?

Being involved in a car accident or any other accident that causes your head to snap forward and backward can lead to whiplash. While some people think that whiplash is nothing more than a sham, it is actually a medical condition that can be very serious.

Exploring your options after an aviation crash

Aviation accidents can have serious consequences, including severe injuries and even fatalities. Just last week, we discussed the case of the sightseeing plane crash that claimed the lives of 9 people. That accident was a horrible reminder that safety is very important when you are in an airplane or helicopter.

Fatal Alaska sightseeing plane crash kills 8 tourists, pilot

Some of the most beautiful areas in this country are best seen from the air. That's likely how some of the passengers on a sightseeing flight felt late last month as they were soaring over the Misty Fjords National Monument near Ketchikan, Alaska. The eight passengers were in the midst of a 7-day Holland America Line cruise between Seattle and Ketchikan. They were taking a shore excursion offered by the cruise line before heading home.