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December 2015 Archives

What is a concussion and what are the symptoms?

When people think of brain injuries, they might automatically think of horrible injuries that cause very serious medical issues. While that is the case for many severe brain injuries, other brain injuries aren't quite as severe. A concussion is one type of injury that is considered a mild traumatic brain injury.

Seeking compensation after an aviation accident

In our previous post, we discussed how turbulence on airplanes can lead to injuries. While it isn't possible for pilots to avoid turbulence in all instances, it is critical that they do so when possible. If you were injured in an accident on an airplane, you might opt to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered and any related damages.

Can turbulence cause significant aviation accidents?

Being in an aviation accident is like no other experience you will ever have. We have all been in a fender bender in a car, but that turned out all right. That isn't the case in an airplane or helicopter accident. The results are usually fatal. There are some accidents in an aviation accident that are not fatal, though, and will probably leave you injured. Turbulence is one of those times.